CEMCO Solid Head Urethane Dumbbells



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Cemco Strength Solid Head Urethane dumbbells and dumbbell sets are the latest addition to Cemco line up and among the highest end in the industry. These are assembled with USA Made handles and have a solid steel core.

*All Handles are rated 130 psi and are available from 5-125lb in 5lb increments. Handle Diameter is 32mm.
Custom logos available. All of your dumbbell sets can customized in order to have an exclusive look for the club.

Dumbbell sets available from:

  • 5-50lb 5lb in increments
  • 55-100lb in 5lb increments
  • 105-125lb in 5lb increments
  • 5-125lb in 5lb increments
  • 7.5-52.5lb in 5lb increments