CEMCO Pro Style Dumbbells

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Featuring a 32mm, hard chrome handle with a medium knurl. Assembled with course thread, alloy bolts and secured with a locking compound. Cemco uses impact wrenches for assembly and are then torqued to 130 p.s.i.

Product Features:

  • Gray Hammertone Chip-Resistant Paint
  • Aluminum Weight Stickers with Industrial-Strength Adhesive
  • Fully machined, High grade, Cast Iron Plates.
  • Grade 8 Aircraft Quality 1/2-20.
  • Fine Thread Bolts With Locking Compound Paste Applied To Bolts Before Assembly.
  • 32mm Handle Machined From 12L14 Ledloy Steel Bar Stock With Hard Chrome Plating.
  • Diamond-Cut, Positive Medium Knurl.

Dumbbell sets available from:

  • 5-50lb 5lb in increments
  • 7.5-52.5lb in 5lb increments
  • 5-75lb 5lb in increments
  • 55-100lb in 5lb increments