CEMCO Solid Head Urethane Barbell Set



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Cemco solid head urethane head barbells are assembled in the USA. Barbells carry a double american weld to ensure the longest lasting durability. The barbell sets are available with custom logos.


  • 30mm hard chrome bar with medium knurl and assembled with course tread, alloy bolts and secured with locking compound. Cemco uses impact wrenches when assembling dumbbells, as well as a locking compound along with double weld to ensure the durability of the barbells. All barbells are torqued to 130 PSI. Black Teflon based (aircraft grade) urethane doesn’t break or crack.
  • Bars pressed with weld process to eliminate inside weld. This creates a stronger and more resilient design. This is among the highest end of our product line and carries a 5 year guarantee against breakage.